Email Marketing

Quick and effective way of keeping your customers informed of what you and your business have been up to.

We feel email marketing is most under-utilized marketing tool, though it gives highest ROI. To shake you up ask this few questions to yourself. Do you have a database of customer emails? When was last time you sent email to your customers? All websites developed by Prerak InfoTech (PIT) has option to collect emails from customers and it serves great tool to build customer database. Email Marketing is better than a postcard, as results can be tracked, delivery can be done in seconds and customers can respond back also. Best part is, sent messages can easily be forwarded and socially shared, increasing the opportunity for more people to learn about you and what you're doing.

Be regular in communication

Whether it's a quick announcement on the latest special deal, an email newsletter to build a relationship with your customer or a catalogue email to remind them what's on offer; make sure you keep updating your customers about you. We work closely with you to tailor a strategy that regularly engages your audience, and we incorporate a full service approach. From the strategy to the design, the content and most importantly the schedule, we work with you on every element of your email marketing campaign. And we provide you with a report after every campaign so you have complete understanding what's happening.

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